From Some of Our Patients who have graciously given us generous feedback:

In one word 'outstanding'. I have had dental services from Cambridge, Mass to Dallas, Texas in my life but I have never ever come across such a truly outstanding practice. Dr. Christopher Yoo, and his father Dr. Yoo Senior, are both outstanding professionals. They have created, trained, and nurtured an outstanding staff from the reception desk all the way to the operatories. I will have to use my calculator to count the number of times Dr. Yoo uses gentle and comforting words like "sir", "please", "thank you", "appreciate it", etc. When I am in the operatory, I have the honor and pleasure of being in a very refined and multitalented company of Dr. Yoo, who takes the time to explain and teach all aspects of his treatment and empower the patient to follow up and take care of their dental hygiene. I want to specially mention appreciation by Dr. Yoo's peers. My friend Dr. Kevin G. Murphy, Baltimore, who is a well regarded periodontal-prosthodontic practitioner thinks very highly of Dr. Yoo and he personally recommended that my wife and me to be under Dr. Yoo's general dentistry practice and care. Please convey this review and my thanks to Dr. Yoo and his staff.

Subhash K.

This was my first visit to Dr. Yoo's clinic and I was very impressed with all aspects of the practice. When I called to make an appointment, I was scheduled for the very next day. The receptionist was gracious and very polite, both on the phone while making my appointment and when I arrived at the clinic. The person who referred me to Dr. Yoo had told me many things about the practice, so although I wasn't surprised, I was very impressed with the high-tech environment and the way it was used to make me both better informed and very comfortable during my initial examination and cleaning. Especially interesting was the digital imaging of my teeth and the camera tool that provided a real-time image of my individual teeth. All of these images were present on a screen that I could view while in the chair. Dr. Yoo was very personal, patient, and supportive, and took time to carefully explain his findings and recommendations. I highly recommend Dr. Yoo and his staff and look forward (really!) to my next visit.

Marilyn D.

It is always apparent that Dr. Yoo is extremely knowledgeable which adds an extra level of comfort to each visit. He is informative and thorough even during routine visits, but beyond that it is evident he cares genuinely about his patient's health. Couldn't recommend him more.

Emily D.

After years and years of going to dentists who were aggressive and always pushing expensive procedures, Dr. Yoo restored my confidence in the dentistry practice with his calm advisory approach, as well as his extremely clean and technologically advanced office. His staff is always extremely kind and flexible when I speak with them. I've had multiple forms of dental insurance over the years and his team is extremely accepting of the insurance compared to other doctors I've been to. The Saturday hours were a lifesaver in my extremely busy weekday schedule. I recommend Grace Dental without hesitation for anybody looking for a high quality dentist.

Patrick S.

I have never had a bad experience with Grace Dental Clinic. They are all very kind, thorough, and professional in their approach to my dental care. I could not recommend them more highly.

Lester M.

I was impressed by the cleanliness of the offices and the modern examination technology, most of which I had not previously experienced. On the basis of one visit, it's hard to come to a conclusion, but it seemed to me that Dr. Yoo is really committed to excellence in all things, including his practice.

Daniel M.

Last year I chipped a crown and Dr Yoo took an X-ray and repaired it for the price of the copay. Basically the repair was on the house. When another tooth started acting up I went back to him. He suggested a root canal as the best option to relieve my pain and went through the whole procedure with me. I mentioned some financial difficulties and he put me in touch with a finance service that would allow me to make installment payments until the admittedly reasonable charges were paid off. When I returned for my treatment Dr Yoo again gave me all the information I needed, explaining everything he was going to be doing. There was a small possibility the infection would require a second visit to allow for healing between the two visits and he stressed I would not be charged for any extra sessions. The procedure was completely painless. He finished exactly when he said he would and told me to contact him if there were any problems. I am so pleased to find a kind, ethical and skilled dentist in the Baltimore area. His students at the U of Maryland School of Dentistry are lucky to have him!

Gordon G.

Very clean and organized office. Dr. Yoo is very thorough in explaining the dental health situation and any treatment needed. Full cleaning is personally done by him too. Staff are knowledgeable and very courteous. Overall my wife and I have been extremely happy having this practice take care of us last several years.

Srinivasaiah S.

Most pleasant dental experience I have ever had. The staff are some of the kindest people I have met.

Nathaniel T.

Dear Dr. Yoo,
I wanted to thank you for the remarkable kindness and compassionate care you showed me. My daughter, who is also your patient, always speaks about you with glowing praise. Having recently moved to the Baltimore area, I feel very fortunate to have been recommended to such an outstanding dentist as yourself. Thank you once again for everything. You really went above and beyond.

Catherine P.

Grace Dental is a patient's dream. They take people on time and explain everything up front. You get 5-star service there. Dr. Yoo is understanding and very professional. His staff is polite and caring.

Brian T.

After coming back for my second appointment, I've been very please with the level of service I received at Grace Dental. They've always been very quick to see me, even when I'm early. The office is clean and modern and the dental service is great. I have no qualms about scheduling my next visit in 6 months and I look forward to seeing Dr Yoo then.

Jonathan H.

Quite satisfied and recommend Dr. Yoo without any hesitation. Prior to coming to this area, I've moved around a lot for about a dozen years due to military service and work. Whenever I move to a new area, finding a good dentist, doctor, and mechanic were always a bit of a challenge. So, over all, during the past dozen years prior to finding Dr. Yoo, I probably had seen about a dozen different dentists. I think I saw at least 3 different dentists in this area before finding Dr. Yoo. Out of all those dentists I've seen, I'd say Dr. Yoo is definitely one of the best. He is professional, courteous, and attentive. Listens well and explains well. So, until I move to a different part of the country, Dr. Yoo will be my family's dentist (as he has been for the past 3 years).

Eugene H.

Grace Dental clinic has the best dentists around. Dr. Yoo really made me feel right at home and He paid closed attention to every single one of my concern.
Also the entire team was very friendly and I can finally say that going to the dentist is actually enjoyable.

Sung L.

Dr. Yoo, Many wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you, your staff and your family, too. We are always overwhelmed by your kindness and care! With Love

W. Family

Our family changed dentists about 6 months ago. We have been very pleased with the care and professionalism from the staff and dentist. They are very thorough and organized. It is nice to get a pleasant phone call or email from the receptionist about our upcoming appointment!

Sandra L.

​Dr. Yoo,

Just wanted to say THANKS for the terrific work done on my root canal last spring... everything appears to be great!

(PS: I'm not sure if I ever relayed this to you personally, but I chose you last spring when I needed work on my Root Canal because I was looking for a Christian dentist, and your office was one of several in the area that resulted from my Google search. As a Christian man myself, it's very comforting to know that my dentist is not only a strong professional in his area of medical expertise, but that he is also a man of faith and integrity- both personally and professionally. Everything that I have seen of you confirms those traits- so thanks being that man.)

Brian H.

My wife and I would like to let Dr. Yoo know that we are so thankful for the excellent service rendered this morning. You and your staff displayed kindness, patience and skill. It is wonderful to have such words of encouragement as well. The LORD continue to bless you and your family and staff richly!!!

Bobby W.

I've been going to them for about five years. The staff is friendly and helpful, the office is clean and professional, and I don’t have any issues getting appointments. Furthermore, I never wait long when I go in for an appointment, and I really like Dr. Yoo.

Peter L.

I know we have said this before - our family is so thankful for Grace Dental; Dr. Yoo and all of the staff! You take terrific care of our smiles!

Don & Tamy W.

I just got the best dental care ever! If Dr. Yoo goes home late today, it's all because he was taking care of me! It is such a good feeling knowing that you are getting an unbiased, highly professional care. Thanks much.

Ammer B.

Dr. Yoo's office is clean and professional. He works on Saturdays as well.

Andrew S.

Dr. Christopher Yoo’s overall care and his use of technology stand out. I trust his experience. His chair side manners are very assuring and polite. He makes me feel very comfortable. I have great confidence in his capability. I would continue to use his services in the future.

Barbara D.

Excellent dental clinic! I've had a second opinion done at this place, and then came back for the treatment afterwards. The preliminary exam was very thorough, and the doctor walked me through everything that he was doing. Afterwards, he explained everything to me and answered all my questions very thoroughly and very kindly. During the treatment procedures, he was also very very nice. After the treatment, he went over post-op instructions himself and also advised me on prevention and any future procedures I might need done, even without me asking. He also made sure that I had no further questions/concerns.

In short, he is EXCELLENT!!! Prices are also reasonable, office is clean, staff are nice, etc etc.

Amber H.

When we moved to the Columbia area three years ago we made an appointment with Dr. Yoo when our regular checkups were due. We selected Dr. Yoo based on his background and education - Princeton, Harvard School of Dentistry, on faculty of the Maryland University School of Medicine. We have not been sorry. I had noticed a dark spot on a crown, and indeed it was punctured. Dr. Yoo presented options to repair or replace and risks associated with repair. I chose replacement. During the procedure, Dr. Yoo was able to clearly show me with his state of the art equipment why I had made the right decision. In the course of the past three years, both my husband and I have had our teeth cleaned every 6 months, I have had one crown recemented, another replaced, and my husband has had a crown replaced, and a cracked tooth repair with a crown. As I said before, all equipment is state of the art, the office is spotless, the staff is friendly and courteous, and Dr. Yoo is very concerned about his patients' comfort. He is a very skilled dentist and we will be sorry if we ever have to move and find another dentist.

Walter & Barbara D.

Dr. Yoo, We are so grateful for you and your staff. Our smiles are brighter and bigger because of you =) Thank you.

W. Family

Excellent Dental Service with Professionalism.

David A.

Totally satisfied. Doctor was very helpful and explained my current condition, and suggested ways for further treatment.

Soo L.

Dr. Yoo & staffs were very professional and courteous.

Steven K.

For me it is a pleasant experience!

Jetje S.

I have always had great service at his location. Recently, I woke up sick on the day of my appointment and asked to reschedule (rather than get everyone else sick). They were very accommodating and got me an appointment the next week.

Jonathan H.

One of the most competent and kindest dentist ever experienced.

Joshua C.

I always have a great experience when I come for my appointments. Never have to wait and I'm happy they open on Saturdays.

Helen T.

THE BEST dentist I ever had. Staff were very friendly and proffesional. Theywelcom our family and we love going there. The office is very clean. We moved to a new city but we still go to Dr Yoo. We never have to wait. Ill recommend Grace Dental to anyone!!

Luaiva R.

Dr. Yoo likes to have precise operation with very caring fashion by taking time and assuring customers.

Yong Suk M.

They make your dental experience comfortable from start to finish. I have visited and tried many dentists and Grace Dental is by far the best for all your dental needs.

Ilana H.

I was glad to be able to get in so quickly to take care of a broken tooth as a new patient

Margaret R.

Love the promptness and professionalism!

Kevin S.

Dr. Yoo and his staff were totally professional. They all carried an air of confidence and professionalism in what they did and this gave me a feeling of assurance that I was getting as good a treatment as I could.

Harry J.

Each member of the staff was friendly and helpful. It's difficult to recommend more than the stellar service you already give! Dr. Yoo and his staff exceeded all of my expectations. They were competent, patient, and sensitive to my needs at every step of my visit--they even were able to fit me in for a visit the day after I called! He addressed my raging toothache with quickness and efficiency, and they offered a 10% discount for paying the copay all at once. Dr. Yoo took the time to educate me on what he was doing and why he was doing it in calm, clearly-stated terms. I have a followup appointment next week, and I am glad I chose Grace Dental!

Steve K.

Excellent service. Friendly, professional staff. Modern facilities.

Gerald R.

Dr. Yoo is a very compassionate and highly skilled dentist. I have referred family members to see him and we are all pleased with him and his office staff.

Sung B.

I was very satisfied with the visit!

Udai B.

Highly recommended. Dr.Yoo makes sure his patients always have a comfortable visit. I got a root canal done and i was very satisfied with the treatment. Very friendly staffs!

Hyun P.